"It Takes Two To Create A Pattern, But Only One To Change It"

Esther Perel, LMFT, CST

You’ve probably noticed that there’s something in your life that you want to change. Maybe your romantic relationship is on the rocks. Maybe your sex life isn’t satisfying. Maybe your personal or professional relationships are lacking boundaries. Or maybe there are some unhealthy patterns that you just want to break.

But how are you supposed to improve these relationships when two people are involved?

Guess what?

It only takes ONE person to change a negative cycle, and that person can be YOU!

Together, we can work toward your goals, whatever they may be. These sessions are for you, and I’ll be there to help guide you, alongside you, as you take this journey.

Practice Progress, NOT Perfection

Starting therapy can be really scary. Meeting someone new, telling them all about your weaknesses and the things going wrong in your life… that can feel terrifying and unnatural.


I aim to create a secure and non-judgmental space for you. A space that is welcoming and safe. A space where you want to be. A space to work toward your goals. A space where together we celebrate every little accomplishment, because that’s what keeps us going. A space where we practice progress, not perfection. A space where you can put yourself first and begin to create a life that you are happy to live.